Agile 7 String Guitars

Looking for more than 6 ? 8 is too much ? There are a bunch of 7 string guitars retailed by Rondo Music under the Agile brand. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Agile 7 String

After the nineties, there was a massive growth of bands and guitarist using seven string guitars. What was elitist and exclusive some time ago became more popular after the era of guitar heroes and the rise of nu metal bands. Of course we are talking about the now much more widely available 7 string guitars. While these guitars became much more common, the price of these guitars was usually high. This has changed in the last few years, and the best example is the different series of 7 string Agile guitars, which offer a fantastic value, with great prices, with the Interceptor, Septor, Intrepid, Pendulum and even some AL-3000 models.

Check all the 7 string guitars at


Agile AL-727

Rondo Music retails this special version of the AL-3000 model, which features 7 strings instead of six. The Agile AL-727 has all of the features and advantages of the Les Paul guitar series allowing an increased flexibility because of the seventh string. Players of classic rock, hard rock, blues and the kinds, that are looking for a seven string guitar but do not like the more radical guitars that usually feature seven strings (we are talking about guitars aimed at metal and progressive rock) will love this instrument. Models on the AL-3000 family are just a few, since most of the players looking for a seven string axe usually play other kind of guitars, but nonetheless this might be the one for you, take a look at them.

What you get with the AL-3000 seven strings:

  • Solid mahogany

  • 27” Scale

  • 24 Jumbo Frets

  • Ebony fretboard

  • Cepheus Passive Ceramic Pickups

  • Cepheus TOM bridge, depending on the model

  • Full body and neck bindings, depending on model

  • Grover Die Cast Tuners

Some examples available:

  1. Agile AL-3010SE 727 Flat Black Unbeatable at $369 here !!

  2. Agile EB Tribal Red 7 – 27” and Ebony for $399 here !!

Full review and list of all available models for the AL-3000 line HERE.

Agile Intrepid

Most of the Intrepid models are aimed at 8 string guitar players, so you won’t find many 7 string guitars in this line. However, now and then some models become available. For those who like the unusual body shape of the Intrepid guitars, make sure to check often for stock, and be fast because usually these guitars sell fast. Also, some multi-scale 7 stringers may become available from time to time. With the 7 String Intrepid you get:

  • Maple neck with a neck-thru Mahogany body

  • Ebony fretboard

  • 24 jumbo frets with no inlays (markers on the side)

  • Dual Cepheus Pups

  • Die-cast Grover sealed tuners

Take a look at these models available:

  1. Agile Intrepid Pro 72730 Cepheus active pickups Tribal Purple w/Case ! at $869 here !!

  2. Agile Intrepid Pro 72730 EB CP Black Flame for $859 here !!

  3. Agile Intrepid Pro 728 Dual Duncan active pickups Bloodburst for $499 here !!

Full review and list of all available models for the Intrepid line HERE.

Agile Interceptor

The Interceptor is the biggest line of guitars that Rondo Music retails, after the AL. Among others important things, in this model you will find 6, 7, 8 and even 9 string guitars ! Back to the core of this post, there are a bunch of 7 string Interceptor guitars available.

The Interceptor, thanks to its body shape and components, is the preferred Agile guitar for those who play metal and progressive rock. To put it simple, there is no other guitar with this kind of components and features at this price. The most affordable 7 string Interceptors start at only $359 with the high end models going up to $799. Some of the characteristics of the Interceptor family (remember that these varies with models and influence the final price):

  • Light swamp ash, Mahogany body

  • Quilted or Real Maple top

  • Scales all the way from 25”5 to 27”

  • Rosewood or Ebony fretboards

  • 24 jumbo frets

  • Regarding pickups, depending the model EMG 707 or Passive Cepheus

  • Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo

  • Grover tuners, 1 volume knob and 1 tone knob

A few of the models available:

  1. Agile Interceptor Pro 725 EMG Black Flame, beautiful high end bound, here !!

  2. Agile Interceptor 727 Rosewood fretboard CP White with 27” scale for only $359 here !!

  3. Agile Interceptor Pro 728 EMG in gorgeous Natural Mahogany click here !!

  4. Agile Interceptor Pro 730 EMG Tribal Green with 30” scale click here !!

And some great lefties, like this Interceptor Pro 725 EB EMG Black Flame here !!

Full review and list of all available models for the Interceptor line HERE.

Agile Septor

Like we saw in the 8 string Agile guitars article, the Septor line provides some affordable and some high end options for those looking for a 7 string axe. The shape of this guitars will fit nicely for those looking a versatile instrument. This line is the only one featuring a Tone Pros bridge, which gives these instruments superior sustain. Depending on the model you pick, the prices go from $329 to $799. Here is a list of the most important things you need to know about the Septor 7 string guitars:

  • Light weight mahogany or swamp ash body

  • 25.5” to 27” scale available

  • Tone Pros Bridge

  • Maple, Rosewood or Ebony fretboards, depending on model

  • 5 piece neck-thru body design

  • Cepheus Passive, Active or EMG 707 pups depending on model

Some available models:

  1. Agile Septor 727 MN TOM bridge, in beautiful Natural Mahogany, at an amazing $329, take a look !!

  2. Agile Septor Pro 728 EB with Duncan pickups at $599, see it here !!

  3. Agile Septor Elite 730 EB EMG in Natural Mahogany – The higher end Septor at $799 here !!

  4. Amazing Left Handed Agile Septor Elite 727 with Duncan pickups, in Black Flame, at $599 here !!

Full review and list of all available models for the Septor line HERE.

Agile Pendulum

The Pendulum is Agile’s multi-scale option created mostly for 8 string guitars players, but you’ll find some 7 string models available as well. We recommend checking often for stock if you have one of these in mind, because they go fast and the models are only a few. The prices go from $599 up to $999 for the higher end models. Some of its main features are:

  • Multi-Scale with 25.5” to 27” range

  • Mahogany body

  • Custom Cepheus or Agile bridge, depending on the model

  • Rosewood or Ebony fretboards, depending on model

  • 5 or 3 piece (depending on the model) neck-thru body design

  • Dual angled Cepheus Passive, Active, EMG 808 or 707 pups depending on model

Some available models:

  1. Agile Pendulum Pro 72527 Ebony fretboard, EMG pickups, in Blue Flame, for $799, take a look !!

  2. Agile Pendulum Elite 72527 with Cepheus Passive pickups and Kahler Tremolo at $799, see it here !!

  3. Agile Pendulum Elite 72527 Top of the line, with EMG pups and deluxe Kahler trem for $999 here !!

Other 7 String Agile Guitars

Aside of the main guitar models there are some other 7 string guitars available from Rondo Music. Among these, the Agile Reaper, the Agile Hawker, the Agile Hornet and the Agile Ghost, with their extreme body shapes and great features are an amazing value per buck. You can check it yourself, some of the models available are:

  1. Agile Hawker Pro 727 – 27” scale, Floyd Rose trem, Cepheus Passive pups, in beautiful Tiger Eye Flame at an amazing $429 here !!!

  2. Agile Reaper Pro 727 – V shaped body with Duncan pups and 27” scale only for $699 here !!

  3. Agile Hornet Pro 725 – V shaped body with Duncan Blackouts and Floyd Rose trem, with case!, for only $699 here !!

In a nutshell

If your looking for a 7 string guitar at an affordable price you should definetly check the Agiles. Go ahead and search for reviews on the web and you will find that these axes are highly rated, and most people seem to believe that this kind of guitars would cost twice as much if they had a famous brand tag on ’em (or the branded ones are overpriced ? 😉 ). There are a lot of models to choose from, here we took an overview on some of them, if you’d like to see the complete Rondo Music 7 string guitar list of products follow the link below…

Check all the 7 string guitars at


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    Blaze Perri Jan 07, 2014

    Dear Agile players,

    I’m a Jackson played and I’ve always loved them. Recently, I’ve had to sell my 7 string soloist to pay for rent, but I’ve finally got enough revenue again to afford to buy a 7 string again. What can you tell me about playability? I know they won’t play exactly the same as my old soloist, but I’m looking for comparison, style, tone, sound, and general playability. I’d love to try one out and I’ve heard many good things about these guitars, let me know what the Agile community thinks. I’d love to buy one, I just want to know some opinions and specs.

    Patrick Jan 07, 2014

    I cant believe that i now have a place to go when i need a 7 or an 8 string that fits me. I just got done playing my friends Agile Interceptor 727 with a black flame finish, which he had customized with a Floyd Rose 7 string Pro, Seymour Duncan Distortion neck pick up, and a Seymour Duncan Nazgul bridge pickup. I love how his model is a neck through design and has a very comfortable position when when i play classical style. you guys do a really awesome job and i want to let you know that you guys have changed a washburn player into an agile player!!

    chris Jan 21, 2014

    I am a right handed due to an injury turned left handed guitarist, and as such pickins are slim, I cant walk into a guitar store and just try all these wonderful guitars that everybody talks about. I was needing a 7 string for developing internet lessons( for a website that I hope I have up and running shortly).I basically had 1 choice under a grand and that is the hellraiser lefty 7 string, but I cannot shell out a grand for something I haven’t even played when most stores in my area wouldn’t let me return a special order that I don’t like.
    So, on a whim , I decided to order a seven string hawker.
    the cons . the case that the website prompted me to buy with it needed a 2 inch thick piece of cardboard to keep it soundly in the case. There were a few dead places in the neck/action-but the action was wonderful, a few adjustments with the action and minor fret filings ( to keep the action low like I like it)and it was workin for me.
    now the pros( dang this is gettin lengthy)
    the action- love it, the neck awesome. I t would be great to have an original floyd, I can see where things will probably fatigue, but have no problem staying in tune.

    bottom line this is my go to guitar to the point that I will be selling my(all six string guitar)hellraiser, ec-1000 and jackson DNKY so I can buy another one

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