Agile 8 String Guitars

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Agile Guitars
From $399

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On August 19, 2012
Last modified:April 1, 2015


We take a look at various of the fantastic 8 string guitar models from Agile, among them the Interceptor, the Septor and the Pendulum, all of them retailed by Rondo Music.

Borderline experimental, there is more than one Agile 8 string guitar to see. Here we take a look at four different series, from the most affordable to the high-end models, with fantastic features.

Agile 8 String

Agile offers 8 string guitars in a lot of models. Over 10 are available. Depending on your goals and budget one of them will suit you better.

Let’s take a look at the main models: the Interceptor, the Intrepid, the Septor, and the Pendulum series.

Agile Intrepid

In the Intrepid line you will find the most radical designs of the Agile inventory. Also, the most economic 8 string guitar models are in this series, starting at the (unbelievable for an 8 string guitar) price of just $499. Lots of options here, which can take you up to $899 for the more advanced models. Also in this line you can find multi-scale guitars. Among the features you will find:

agile 8 string intrepid

  • Ash or Mahogany body

  • Neck-thru body design

  • Scale starts at 25,5” and goes up to 28,625” depending on model

  • Ebony fretboard

  • Variety of pickups, among others: Dual Active EMG 808, Cepheus passive 8 pickup

Take a look at these guitars:

  • Agile Intrepid Pro 825 Ebony fret, Natural Ash. See it !!

  • Agile Intrepid 828 with Cepheus Passive pups, Charcoal. Check it !!

  • Agile Intrepid Pro 828 with EMGs and Kahler, in gorgeous Natural. Here !!

or read our full review and see all available models in stock of the Intrepid series HERE !!

Agile Interceptor

Some of the top of the line Agile guitars in this series. A combination of a somewhat modern shape with cherry-picked components, in this line you can find 7 string, 8 string and 9 string guitars. For an 8 string, which is the guitars we are inspecting in this overview, prices will set you up from $359 up to $899. Whichever style you play, from hardcore to free jazz, you can find one that fits your tastes if you have the budget.

Interceptor Pro 828 EB Black

Among the features:

  • Body options: Double cutaway light mahogany, arch or flat

  • 5 piece maple neck-thru body, or bolt on for the cheaper models

  • Scale starts at 25,5” and goes up to 28,625” depending on model

  • Ebony, Rosewood or Maple fretboards

  • Variety of Kahler tremolos

  • Variety of pups: EMG 808, EMG 89, Duncan’s Blackout or Cepheus Passive

That’s a lot of variations and may be hard to follow. So let’s take a look at what’s on stock now, remember that some of these sell really fast and it takes months to restock, so be quick if you are interested in any of em.

Some of the models available:

Full review and list of all available models in stock for the Interceptor line HERE.

Agile Septor

The Septor series provides another batch of 8 string guitars to choose from. Starting at $399 on the entry level models and up to $699 for the high-end Elite, there’s a lot of options. With a strat-like body and a price only cutting the middle man allows, and no other brand can beat, in this line you will find:

  • An arch top body, double cutaway light weight mahogany

  • Scale from 25,5” up to bloody 30”

  • Ebony or Rosewood fretboards

  • USA made Duncan blackout pickups

  • Cepheus or HipShot bridges

Some models in stock:

Full review and list of all available models for the Septor line HERE.


The Pendulum is Agile’s multi-scale line created mostly for 8 string guitar players. There are some combinations in features and component available, so we recommend checking often for stock if you have one of these in mind, because they go fast. The prices go from $699 up to $999 for the higher end models. The multi-scale Pendulum Elite is the most expensive option for an Agile 8 string guitar, and still is a great deal. Among the features of these guitars are:

  • Mahogany body

  • Scale from 24 3/4” up to bloody 30”

  • Ebony or Rosewood fretboards

  • Dual angled Cepheus Passive, Active or EMG 909 pickups

  • Custom Agile, Cepheus high mass or deluxe Custom Kahler bridge

  • 5 piece neck-thru body design

Some models in stock:

  • Agile Pendulum Pro 82427 with Cepheus passive pickups, in Natural Mahogany Take a look !!

  • Agile Pendulum Pro 82527 with EMGs, in Tribal Blue See here !!

  • Agile Pendulum Pro 82527 with Cepheus active pickups, in Natural Mahogany Check it here !!

  • Agile Pendulum Elite 82527 with EMGs and deluxe Kahler bridge (top of the line) Check it !!

In a nutshell

Lot of Agile 8 string guitars to choose from, whenever you are hunting for one please remember that stock varies and some of the models available at the time of writing this review might not be on stock any more, although we try to keep this article up to date. Another thing you should take into account is the fact that Rondo Music every year opens its Custom Shop (currently closed) for a while, and if you contact them you will get the chance to build an instrument the way you prefer, with the specs of your choice, at prices significantly lower than any other custom shop.

Check the availability and models in Rondo Music’s Custom Shop.

Currently Closed

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    Scott Smith Dec 22, 2014

    Curious if all 8 string guitars have to come with a tremolo. I am wanting to tune the lower strings down a bit. 6th string to a low D below that an A and then finally a super low D at the bottom. Will probably need to use close to a 100 gauge bass string for the lowest D and an 80 for the A string. My concern is that with the Kahler I may not be able to get a bass string thru it. Would want to have a non-tremolo bridge that can handle the string gauges listed. Can you tell me if that is an option before I pull the trigger. Thanks–Scott

      Agile Guitars Dec 26, 2014

      Hey Scott, for special requests and ordering you should contact Rondo Music directly at Contact Page.
      Best! Team


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